Get to know the modern roulette wheel

There’s no doubt about it. Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular table games in the entire casino. But whilst many of us enjoying playing roulette these days (whether that be online or in real casinos), few know much about the history or construction of the modern roulette wheel.

Believe it or not, the roulette wheel first appeared way back in the 17th century. It was invented off the back of mathematician Blaise Pascal’s failed attempts to build a perpetual motion machine. Since then, it’s evolved almost beyond recognition, to the point where modern roulette wheels are now divided into two distinct categories.

You have (1) European roulette wheels and (2) American roulette wheels. The former has only a single green zero pocket, whereas the latter has both a zero and double-zero pocket. Whilst this may sound like only a minor difference, it has a significant impact on the house edge of the game (i.e. your chances of winning). Most gamblers, therefore, recommend sticking to only the European version of roulette, as the odds of getting lucky are far more favourable.

But whatever version of roulette you play, you’ll find both types of roulette wheel are constructed of the same basic components. There’s a main bowl and a wheelhead, along with numbered pockets and deflectors.

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